Food Testing and Adulteration

Increasing higher demands are being set for safety, quality, health and the environment. It includes creating awareness, organizing training programs on ISO 9000, HACCP and other quality management systems and setting up of analytical and testing laboratories.

In India it is required to set up a national network of Codex and HACCP laboratories. An export inspection agency should be designated under export (quality control and inspection) act 1963 for pre shipment inspection of milk and fruit and vegetable products.

In a typical food texture analysis or test, a sample is placed into the test area of a texture analyzer and force is applied using a probe, knife, or fixture. As force is applied, the resulting sample deformation is recorded. Force versus deformation data is analyzed to provide information that may be related to properties such as firmness, hardness and fracturability of the specimen. Since biting and chewing compress and shear foods, most texture methods are designed to apply compressive force. The type of probe, knife, or fixture used determines whether the principle stress in the sample is shear or a combination of compression and shear.