Daily Nutrition Requirement

The human body is like a machine and we need fuel to keep it going. There are three kinds of fuel that body can use carbohydrate, protein, fat. Though body can break any of these foods for fuel but it is best to properly balance the three fuels. Lack of proper proportion of these fuels can result in diseases. A general weight of the food items is given here although some food items are taken in such a small quantity that they do not need to be weighed.

Our body needs energy to do any work, even to sit ideal. This energy is measured in terms of calories. Even when we sleep, about half a calorie is burnt every minute. A man requires about 1600 calories in a day with normal activities. Whereas a person doing no work at all requires about 800 calories a day.

Thus, the amount of calories we require depends on the way we spend our lives. More physical activities require more calories. If a person spends 1600 calories a day and also intake the same amount of calories, then he will be neither overweight nor underweight.

But besides calculating only the calorie intake, to be perfectly healthy, one should also know the proper amount of all the nutrients and should avoid stress along with proper amount of exercise each day.